Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sunday In St Albans

I love St Albans! We are lucky to be a 20 minute drive away and one of our favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is go for a stroll around the park, feed the ducks and finish off with a tasty waffle from the waffle house. As the weather has been so gloomy this week and we have all been ill I'm glad that we managed to go out and get a bit of fresh air last weekend.

It really is a park for all seasons. In the summer there is a fantastic new splashpark that the children absolutely loved and you can soak up the sunshine overlooking the lake. In the winter you can wrap up warm, put on your wellies and go for a stomp around the lake.

If you fancy a bit of history you can look around the Verumum museum which tells you all about the Roman history of St Albans. We visited earlier this year and my four year old was fascinated (although my 2 year old run amok and I had visions of Roman vases carefully preserved for thousands of years being smashed by him in an instant!). You can also trek up the hill to look at the beautiful St Albans Cathedral.

Reading this I think we might go again this weekend if the weather is nice but sadly as I am on my diet now there won't be a waffle for me!


  1. St Albans is a lovely town, or is it now a city? Full of history and it sounds like it has the perfect park selling the perfect waffle too. I don't think I could be on a diet with those around, I would need a cheeky bite at least! I hope the bugs have all left you and that you will have plenty more chances to visit the ducks there. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

  2. I used to love a visit to St Albans when I lived in Middlesex.