Monday, 26 November 2012

Round The World Adventures

Before we had the children my husband and I loved travelling. We spent a month in Thailand and Australia for our honeymoon and also explored Mexico, Marrakesh and many European capitals. We planned our holidays to perfection. Obviously once children came along our horizons were a bit more limited. For the first couple of years we barely left the house and recently we have been brave enough to venture to Cornwall.

Little by little travelling with the children is becoming a bit easier and I just can't wait until they are a bit older and we can really show them the world. We have big plans for for fantastic family holidays all over the world and here are our top three.

Neither of us has ever been to Canada but we both feel quite drawn to the wide open expanses and the beautiful nature there. My husband is a motorhome buff and has one that is still not quite roadworthy! However we have always fancied driving across Canada in one. I think it would be great fun with the children and I love imagining the adventures we have had. I have been having a browse of as they have some great deals.

We loved Australia so much we always vowed we would go back when we had children. One of the highlights of our trip was the great barrier reef and it would be amazing to go back there with the children and show them the wonders of the ocean. At the moment the closest they have got to sea creatures is finding the occasional crab on the beach and watching Octonauts! Imagine their amazement and being able to swim amongst the curious and wonderful creatures of the reef. One regret was that we didn't get to visit Ayres Rock or Uluru as it is called by the indigenous people. This magical site is bound to inspire them especially as my daughter is already quite a history buff. We used Trailfinders to book our honeymoon and I would really recommend them as we went in with some vague ideas about what we wanted and came away with a fully tailored holiday.

By the iconic Syndey Harbour Bridge

African Safari
What could be more amazing than seeing animals in their natural habitat? They always look so sad and hemmed in at the zoo and I think that going on safari would be a truly once in a lifetime experience for all of us. I have to admit though I am not a fan of camping so you won't find me in a tent or roughing it in any way. I really fancy staying in one of these luxury lodges with Kuoni and getting taken out to look at the animals every day.

I know these trips are still a long way off but thinking about them keeps me going on grey autumn days like these!

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