Sunday, 11 November 2012

Parenting Advice From The Real Mummy Experts

As a parent there are certain people that I'm not too fond of - these include the so called "experts" Gina Ford and Super Nanny. These childcare gurus like to instruct us mere mortals on how to parent our children, how we should discipline them and what we should feed them. Some even go so far as to give us literally minute by minute instructions on how to plan our entire day with our babies. The irony is that these women don't have children themselves - so why should they tell us what to do?

I believe that the real experts when it comes to children are other mums. People who have been there, done that and got the paint covered, yogurt smeared T-shirt! That's why I love the new Mums' Guides e-books that I was sent to review.

They are written by London mums Emma Crossick, Keely Silver and Jayne Beckman who all have children of various ages, and who have used the collective wisdom of the school gates, baby groups and coffee mornings to write three fantastic guides to parenting that are warm, funny, helpful and most importantly realistic.

There are currently three books in the series on the topics of Weaning, Potty Training and Tantrums. As I have a very strong willed two year old the Tantrums guide was of particular interest to me! It was really helpful just to know that I wasn't alone in having a child who thought nothing of throwing a full on strop in at every possible opportunity. There were some great tips such as making sure you remain calm (even if you don't feel it) and the very sensible suggestion to go out and let your other half take over!

We will also be starting potty training with my son after the excitement of Christmas is over. It's been a couple of years since I undertook this task with my daughter so it was great to have a refresher course from the Mums' Guides. There were some really useful recommendations of books to read with my son to help get him ready for using the potty and they also gave me the good idea of getting your little boy to aim at floating cheerios (which actually sounds rather good fun!).

I would definitely recommend the Mums' Guides as a helpful guide to parenting. They are available at the very reasonable price of £2.49 and there is currently a 20% discount for every Hertfordshire Mummy reader who buys within the next 10 days at Click here to take advantage of this great offer!

Look out for the next Mums' Guide on Sleep which will be out soon

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