Tuesday, 13 November 2012

On Your Bike

Now that the children are a bit older and we can get out and about more easily (without having to take buggy's, nappies, milk and the kitchen sink) we've decided that we want to start doing some more outdoor activities. The children love being outside in the fresh air and me and my husband could do with getting some exercise and loosing a few pounds, so we have decided to try going cycling as a family. My husband and daughter already have bikes so we will just need a bike for me and a child seat for my son and hopefully we can go off on some great adventures.

We are lucky that there are some nice and easy places to cycle in Hertfordshire. Our local woods are really popular with cyclists and there is the incentive of a nice pub meal at the end of a long bike ride.

A little bit further afield we really want to try out Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire and Rutland Water in Leicestershire. These lakes and nature reserves are ideal for cycling and they also offer bikes to hire that you can pick up on the day so you don't have to make the commitment to buying a bike if you don't want to.

Of course with children safety is really important and it is a must for everyone to have a good quality cycle helmet. It is one area where you shouldn't try to save money but should go for good quality. I have found there is a good selection at the online store Leisure Lakes Bikes and I recommend having a look at their other protective clothing too.

I'm really looking forward to our new family hobby!

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