Monday, 5 November 2012

Creating And Using A Vision Board

Pictures have an incredibly strong impact on our minds and on our subconscious. We dream in images and symbols and they also cross cultural and language boundaries - for example a heart is universally recognised as a symbol of love. This is why creating a vision board can be so powerful in helping you to achieve what you want in life. When you have an idea going around in your head it is sometimes hard to pin it down and to make it real. A vision board literally lets you pin your ideas, hopes and aspirations up. It helps to crystallise your vision and is a daily visual reminder of what you will achieve!

Essentially a vision board is extremely easy to make. You really just need a large piece of card and some glue, you could use a cork pin board or you can even make an online vision board on pinterest! Then you need to sit down and think about what you want your vision board to help you achieve. You can have a general board that focuses on all aspects of your life or you might want to work on one specific area such as getting healthy or finding a new career.

Then you need to grab your inspiration and get cutting, sticking and pinning. You can uses images from magazines, newspapers, old photos. You can also get some fantastic pictures from pinterest although you do end up spending all day on there! If you are aiming for something specific it's worth having a look at magazines that are going to inspire your vision. If you want to go travelling get some holiday brochures and if you want to loose weight find some inspiring slimming stories.

It's also important to use the images and symbols to crystallise not just the material things that you want but the feelings that come with them. So for example if you would like to be rich (wouldn't we all) don't just choose a picture of some money - choose something that would symbolise abundance in your life. If you wanted to retrain as a doctor then a picture of a doctor is great but also how would achieving that make you feel? If you would feel "on top of the world" then why not get a picture of a flag on top of a mountain - a symbol of something achieved and an obstacle conquered.

You can also add in some inspirational quotes too. In fact if you are someone who prefers words to pictures you could do a vision board with words only - like the one below that I found on pinterest.

Make sure you keep your vision board somewhere you can see it every day. Look at it when you want to feel motivated or have had a setback or when you want some additional positivity in your life. I have found vision boards to be a powerful and inspirational tool and I am sure that you will too

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