Monday, 5 November 2012

A Winter Wardrobe To Beat The Cold

I made a decision today - that my wardrobe desperately needed updating! I'm looking for some winter wear that is stylish but won't cost the earth and I'm also looking for something practical that will weather the endless school and pre-school runs that I have to do. I also want something to keep me warm.

My feet always freeze in winter. I have Raynaud's disease which means that my circulation is not great and I often end up with very fetching blue fingers and feet in the colder months! I've been browsing the online shoe store and discovered some fantastic snow boots that should keep me toasty all winter. I think they look great and should prevent my feet from becoming blocks of ice.
Gloves are also a winter must have but if you are a mum it can be hard to do all of the fiddly jobs required with young children whilst wearing a pair of thick winter gloves. When I discovered these gloves from I thought they were such a simple yet clever idea. You wear them as mittens which then fold back to reveal fingerless gloves. Perfect for when you need to help your children do up buttons or open snacks and drinks.
The final item for my winter wardrobe update is going to be...a pair of earmuffs! They are in lots of stores at the moment and seem to be all the rage. Great for keeping the wind out of your ears - and they may also have a dual purpose in blocking out some of the children's moaning. I think I shall be getting this pair from as they are practical but pretty.


  1. Reynauds! Emma I used to think I had that because I get really cold feet. I went to the docs and he practically laughed me out of there. Apparently true Reynauds is really debilitating.xx

  2. I do get it quite badly. My whole hands end up turning blue and my fingers go numb so that often I actually can't even do anything with them. Then when they start to warm up it is very painful! I did go to the docs but they didn't seem very bothered! Strangely it seems to get better as I get older!