Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Letter From Father Christmas

This weekend my children wrote their letters to Father Christmas. It was a momentous event as it is the first year that my daughter has been able to write her own letter (and I did think it was a good way for a sneaky bit of handwriting practise!).

You would have thought that a 4 year old and a 2 year old would have had simple wants in life but no. My daughter requested a life size Octopod to have in the garden and an iphone. My son merely wanted an Audi. Needless to say they wont be getting any of those so with a bit of gentle mind manipulation "I think you would love a toy car wouldn't you" - we put together a realistic list.

The thing is when you post a letter it's always great to get one back. I can still remember the excitement of getting a letter through the post from Father Christmas when I was about 5. I was honestly quite amazed that the man himself was writing to me. Luckily this year I've been given the opportunity to do this though the site Father Christmas Letters

You can choose from 4 different letter templates from a Baby's First Christmas letter to ones more suitable for slightly older children who still believe. You can even do a Santa letter for a grown up! It's very easy to use the site. You give the basic information about your child such as date of birth and name and you can choose which phrases you want included e.g. if you use the name Father Christmas or Santa. They even come with a North Pole postmark to convince the would be cynic.

All the letters will arrive before Christmas. If you order by the 30th November they will be send out on the 1st December and if you order before the 15th December they will be sent out on the 17th.

Letters usually cost £5.99 but you can get them for a bargain £4.99 through the fabulous Savoo

I can't wait to see the children's faces when they get their letters!

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