Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shopping with Collectables

I love shopping! Before I had the children I'd shop whenever I had the chance - on a Saturday, in my lunch break and on holidays. However life with two small children has changed things drastically. My four year old daughter loves shopping but unfortunately this love extends to wanting to touch all items in the shops that we go into. She enthusiastically runs her slightly grubby hands along the dresses as I get glared at by eagle eyed shop assistants. My little boy on the other hand hates shopping with a passion. His eyes well up as soon as we get near the department store door and any attempt at browsing is brought to an abrupt halt by a red faced toddler screaming "get out, get out, get out".

Luckily though all is not lost as I have discovered online shopping which I can do in the comfort of my own home with no screaming children around. I particularly like This great online store offers a fantastic range of fashion, jewellery and home products.

I know it's still only October but Christmas is not far away now and so I've been browsing their online store for some festive goodies. I'm definitely going to buy one of the lovely Yankee Candle range as I think they look and smell lovely, and the sparkling cinnamon scented one pictured below would be great for giving your house a beautiful warm scent.

I also love these willow tree decorations which would look very pretty on the Christmas tree. You could also have them up round the house all year round.

This year I've been tasked with cooking the Christmas dinner so I had a browse through their cookware selection too to make sure I was kitted out with all the kitchen essentials that I need to cook a triumphant turkey!
Online shopping has definitely been a revelation for me and it's lovely to be able to shop stress free with Collectables.

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