Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Not Just A Mum

It always pains me when I hear people being described as "just a mum". It's even more heartbreaking when I hear someone describe themselves that way. That little four letter word 'just' seems so sad. It implys a lack of importance, something not quite worthy or valuable enough to stand alone or to be proud of in its own right.

I've never heard anyone describe themselves as just an accountant, just a doctor, just a teacher ...so why should being a mother have such little status when in fact being a mum is probably the biggest and most all encompassing task that any of us have to take on.

That woman who is 'just' a mum has in the first place grown and given birth to another human being. They have nurtured them, loved them, fed them, rocked them to sleep, read to them and cared for them when they were ill.

As the child grows their mother becomes a teacher, a nurse, a guide through life. They provide emotional and financial support. They cheer their child on through the good times and are a shoulder to cry on during the bad times. They are always there.

So am not not 'just' a mum

I am a mum...and proud to be so!


  1. Well said Emma!! xx

  2. Well said. I don't think I could ever be accused of saying 'just a mum'. Mums are bloody brilliant in my opinion!