Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jam Jar Lanterns

Glowing at night

This cute little pumpkin jam jar lantern is really fiendishly easy to make!

All you need is an old cleaned jam jar with the label taken off, some orange and black tissue paper and some glue.

Cut the orange tissue paper into squares and rectangles and glue them all over your jam jar making sure that they are overlapping and that there is no glass showing. Let it dry and then from the black tissue paper cut a pumpkin face and glue on top of the orange.

Then simply drop a tea-light candle inside to get this great glowing effect. They would look fantastic as a doorstep display for a Halloween party or flickering inside your windows. You don't have to just make a pumpkin - you could use green tissue paper for monster faces or white for a ghoulish ghost.

Please be careful when using real flames in your Halloween lantern!

In the daytime

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  1. I saw some Frankenstein ones on pinterest the other day, a great idea - these are fab :)

  2. They are so cool. I did these last year with the kids at an outdoor playgoup I run. SO easy - even for the little ones. You can also do other halloweeny scenes like a black cat or a witch on a broomstick. We did Christmassy ones too with red tissue and star shapes etc. Not sure who liked them more - me or the kids! (I think it was me...)

  3. This is fab - great idea!

    Thanks for joining in the Tots 100 Halloween Fun Linky x