Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Giving Something Back With Traidcraft

As Christmas gets closer I have resolved to be super organised this year and get all my presents brought in time - with no last minute dash round the shops on Christmas Eve. But although it is lovely to get gifts and enjoy the usual festive celebrations, Christmas is also a time when we should remember people less fortunate than ourselves.

It's nice to be able to give something back when you buy your Christmas gifts which is why I think that Traidcraft is such a good idea. Traidcraft is the UK's leading fairtrade charity. They aim to help fight poverty in developing countries by making sure that producers are able to use their skills and resources to trade their way out of poverty. This means that when you buy a gift from their site you know that the producers have been paid a fair price and will be getting help to sustain their business and the community that they live in.

Traidcraft has lots of beautiful and unusual gifts for Christmas. I particularly like these cute toy storage baskets which would look lovely in my children's room (and might make sure that the house actually stays tidy for once!)

And I may even treat myself to a Christmas present this year too. I love this pretty recycled paper necklace that has been made by the Mai Project in Vietnam - which helps disadvantaged families.

So have a look at the Traidcraft website and make sure that you give something back this Christmas.

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