Monday, 29 October 2012

Decorating The Nursery With Kidsen

I always like to have a project on the go in my house. This Summer we attempted to tidy our garden and now it's Winter I've decided that I would really like to re-vamp my sons bedroom. It was last done before he was born and obviously we had no idea of the little character he would become so we made it fairly neutral. Now at 2 and a half he makes it very clear to us what he likes and dislikes so it's a great time for a change.

I've been enjoying browsing nursery decor online and have found that the online store Kidsen have some fantastic wallpaper and wallstickers. I love the idea of wallstickers as they can brighten up and personalise a room but they are also totally removable - so that when your child decideds that they actually love dinosaurs instead of cars it's cheap and easy to make the change.

My little boy is obsessed with all forms of transport so I thought that this blue train wallsticker would look fantastic on his wall.

Kidsen also have some very funky childrens furniture and I am definitely tempted by these bookshelves which will be just right for displaying his set of Thomas the Tank Engine books!
I'm really excited about starting the decorating and I know that my son is going to love the result.

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