Saturday, 4 August 2012

Organix Review

My children are ALWAYS hungry. If its not my four year old chanting "Mummeeeee I'm starving" then its my two year old shouting "snack, snack, snack" at the top of his voice. So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to get sent a snack selection box from Organix.

I really like Organix food as their toddler snacks have a 'no junk promise' so you know you won't be giving your children any additives. They have a wide range of products on offer and the cheese and herb puffs and raspberry cereal bars are already a firm favourite with my daughter - she was very excited to get some in the post!

The box also included the new tomato and oat bar. Now, I've blogged before about my son and how he doesn't like vegetables so I was unsure what his reaction would be to these veggie bars. I was pleasantly surprised to find that his reaction to eating the bar was a definitive...YUM. My daughter loved it too so they will definitely be on our shopping list in future.

Organix have some great children's food ideas and I particularly love their handy snacks, you know - the ones that are small enough to fit in your bag to be brought out to stave of a tantrum or when the unexpected happens and you don't get home in time for lunch as quickly as planned. There was a packet of mini gingerbread men that were delicious. As well as looking cute and appealing there were enough of them in the pack to be shared between siblings so no arguments broke out when my two had to share them.There was also a snack pack of raisins and dried apricot. I sprinkled this over their morning porridge and they scoffed it down, a good way to get some fruit into them in the morning or it would be a nutritious snack on its own.

We were also lucky enough to get given a sample of their new "Mighty Meals". These are a ready to cook meal designed for 1-3 year olds. As a parent what I really like about these is that they don't need to be kept in the fridge or freezer and therefore they make a great store-cupboard essential. It would be great to know that you had a few stashed away for those days that you are too tired or busy or even just too lazy to cook! But of course the real test is not what I think but what my two year old thinks. I served him up the Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings and he absolutely loved it. I can honestly say I have never seen him eat anything so fast - a great success.We'll definitely be getting some of these!

The empty box as proof of the children's enjoyment!

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