Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lazy Lavender Bags

About a month ago I wrote about our trip to Hitchin Lavender Fields. We'd had a great time and included in the price was a bag of fresh lavender. We had brought ours home and dried it out in the airing cupboard and I thought it would be nice to make some lavender bags with it.

Now I am not a natural needlewoman. I don't have a sewing machine and I'd be hard pressed to even find a needle and thread in my house so I wanted to create some easy to make lavender bags that didn't require much skill to make!

I'd managed to get some lovely material at John Lewis in the sale a few weeks ago, and as my parents had my son for the day last week me and my little girl decided that it was the perfect time to get crafty.

To make your lavender bag you need the following materials:

Some pairs of old tights/popsocks
Dried lavender (you could mix in some dried rosemary or dried rose petals too)
Elastic bands
Pinking scissors

First snip the ends off the tights to create some bags. Fill these with lavender and tie tightly with an elastic band - these are your inner bags.

The inner and outer bags - sealed with an elastic band

Next cut out some circles from your material. I drew around a teaplate which seemed the right size. The pinking scissors are great as they prevent fraying and give a pretty zigzag shape to any material that you cut so you don't need to sew the edge.

Put your inner bags in the centre of the circle of material and pull the material up round the sides again tieing it with an elastic band.

Then tie a ribbon around the bag - and its finished. A no-sew lavender bag!

The finished bags

If you have any leftover lavender you may want to have a go at making these lovely lavender biscuits!

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