Friday, 17 August 2012

Driving Me Crazy

I'm a new driver. At the grand old age of 36 I finally passed my driving test thanks to my fantastic driving instructor and a lot of support and encouragement from my husband, family and friends. I've been learning on and off since I was 17 and got through a grand total of :
4 driving tests,
3 theory tests
6 driving instructors.

I love the freedom that driving brings. All though I'm starting off small and only really driving around locally its great being able to do a big family shop without needing my husband to come and pick me up. I can visit friends easily and not face a long walk home with tired and grumpy children and I don't have to dread another cold and rainy winter.

My Dad asked me today if I regretted not learning to drive sooner. In a way I do but I also realised that what really gave me the push to start driving was having the children. Its easy enough to hop on a bus or train when its just you but with two screaming children, bags of shopping and a Phil & Teds it becomes a totally different ballgame.

But one thing that does sadden me is how impatient people are on the road. I'm sure that I just have to toughen up but everybody seems to need to be somewhere NOW! This week I've been hooted at because I didn't actually want to drive into oncoming traffic when turning in to my driveway, I've had someone flick me a V sign - for what reason I do not know and I've had several people driving extremely close to me. From my experience Audi drivers seem to be the worst. My husband has an Audi and I'm considering getting a bumper sticker that proclaims "my other car is an Audi" in the hope that it may encourage some leniency towards me.

Its not like I'm that much of a slowcoach but as I usually have my children in the car I would much rather be a bit slower and a lot safer and I hate feeling bullied by other car drivers. I've also got my P plates on to let people know that I am inexperienced and you would hope that others would remember how they felt when they first started to drive, I certainly hope that I will - but no for most people the P plates seem to be a challenge to overtake, barge through or generally just get annoyed with me!

Despite the irate and irrational drivers that seem to fill the roads I am really enjoying getting out there in my car and I hope that as time goes on and I get more experienced I will be able to display the patience and tolerance towards new drivers that seems so lacking on the roads today.


  1. Definitely noticed the same thing regarding aggressive Audi drivers. Going 'too slow' does seem to trigger rage in lots of drivers (I did a lot of commuting, some drivers are nuts). If you're going at the speed of the traffic/speed limit (where it is not illegal/unsafe to do so of course!) best just to carry on enjoying the drive and don't let the idiots get you down.

  2. Well done! It's always nice to know people who took 4 tests like me! (We're better drivers for it though!)

  3. aww well done! it took me 5 tests, 2 theory's and 2 instructors. but it does make everything so much easier with children doesnt it :) my instructor told me never to put P plates on when i passed as there a target for idiots who take fun from scaring new drivers so i didnt, but you still get the idiots, best to just ignore them and carry on driving safe :) x

  4. Well done! It took me two theory tests and three practical tests before I passed and I'm certain the only reason I passed in the end was because I was I was full of anti-biotics and pain killers for an infection so I was probably a little more 'chilled' out than normal. :-)

    BTW, I don't know if you take much stock in this type of thing but I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! I was lucky enough to receive it myself and have the honour of choosing other bloggers to also receive it and you were on my list!

    You can find out more about it here:

  5. At 36, you’re not too old! You can probably spend another 36 years of your life driving. In any case, no matter how irrational and aggressive the drivers you are sharing the road with, do not allow them to cut your patience and transform you into something like them. You have kids with you in the car; it wouldn’t be responsible to practice unsafe driving. Congratulations, Emma! :D