Monday, 23 July 2012

Lavender Fields Forever

My children loved running through the lavender.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we decided to make the most of it by going to visit the wonderful lavender fields at Hitchin Lavender. I adore lavender. It smells great and its one of the only plants that I can successfully grow, so I was really looking forward to our day out, and I was looking forward to writing about it for my days out in Hertfordshire features.

What a fantastic experience it was! Lavender stretching out ahead of us as far as the eye could see and a gorgeous fragrance filling the air. It was really child friendly too and my kids loved pottering through the wide rows of lavender, sniffing the flowers and spotting the many bees and butterflies that are attracted by the flowers.

I adore lavender. It smells great and its one of the only plants that I can successfully grow so I was very excited about taking the children to the lavender fields.

There is also a lovely cafe set in a 17th century barn. The sandwiches we had here are all home made and were genuinely delicious. I had brie and beetroot!.There was also a gift shop of the type that I could happily have browsed for ages had I not had an impatient toddler attached to my leg!

I also noticed that the lavender seemed to have a relaxing effect on the children as they were ususually calm and well behaved!

The lavender flowers from July-August but the fields are open from May to September. Entry is £4 for an adult and free for children and the adult entry includes a bag and scissors so you can cut your very own bunches of lavender (we are going to dry ours and make lavender bags!).

You can find out more by going to


  1. That looks idyllic! You've reminded me that there's a lavender farm somewhere not too far away from us in's going on the summer holiday things-to-do list now! Thanks!

  2. Glad I've reminded you! Somerset is such a lovely place to live. My dad is from there originally (near Yeovil). We usually go down to visit our relatives there and always have such a great time. A great place for kids to grow up.

  3. What beautiful photos!! It makes me miss old Blighty (I am right now sweating my tits off in USA)

  4. A much better day than spending it in a stuffy office like me!

  5. I am actually from Hitchin and had no idea there were Lavender fields there! I am going to plan a trip there this summer now - Thank you!