Monday, 15 September 2014

Ducking and Diving with New Bingo Videos

Looking for some light entertainment to bring a smile to your face? Then look no further! These fantastic bingo call videos on YouTube are sure to give you plenty to be happy about with everyday people like you and me helping to educate the world on the secret language of bingo players.
You see, the fashionable thing about playing bingo is that there is a secret language that exists between the caller and the players. Each number selected is more than a number … it has a specific call which is unique (and kitsch!). While some (two fat ladies – number 88) are fairly familiar, others are not quite so well known.

Take number 25 for example. Any ideas what the call is? I didn’t until I saw this clip online … number 25: duck and dive!

The great thing about this clip is it is memorable – not to mention impressive (I certainly couldn’t do that!). By putting bingo calls to video, this ongoing project will help to educate a whole new generation of players on the bingo lingo.

In total, there will be 90 videos representing 90 bingo calls being uploaded to YouTube. A number are already live with the remainder scheduled to go up over the next 5 weeks so you need to keep checking in to learn the latest bingo buzz words.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the project from its organiser Costa Bingo, then visit their website.